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About Business Data Resource Company
Making Data Accessible to Business

Business Data Resource Company is a firm whose mission is to help local businesses become more productive by providing them rapid and convenient access to data and network-related services.

We serve the needs of a variety of businesses or "Communities of Interest",  such as real estate, investment, banking, manufacturing, etc. 

Our Court RunnerTM focuses on Local Court Information, such as court dockets and calendars, local court rules, directories, and links to other web sites of general interest to the legal community.

Technology Management Associates offers support to businesses in their office automation needs and in their needs to obtain and exchange data rapidly and effectively.

WonkWork.com is devoted to bring new technology business to the Chattanooga area and to technology staffing for new and existing business.

BDRC can improve your firms use of technology with the following services:

Office/Building Data Service

Need an office, a suite, a floor, or a building wired for computer, video conferencing, or other communications needs? Business Data Resource has experienced talent who can do the engineering, installation, and documentation for any size project. Fiber optics, wired, or wireless. We can assist in defining the requirements and business needs, then tailor a network design to fit those needs. We provide installation, documentation, training and the network management expertise to give your business a high performance, standards based, multimedia, networking infrastructure.

Available services

Intranet Design

We can take the mystery out of business communications and simplify your business world. We do so by designing an enterprise-wide network that combines the performance of a high speed telecommunications with the use of Internet tools. For example, by converting your applications to browser format (e.g. Netscape or MS-Internet Explorer ), the presentation and your data will be user-friendly and informative. Also, you will be able to use E-mail for better, faster, interoffice communications and have calendars online so that meetings can be scheduled at your convenience. We can also provide you with Video Conferencing capabilities so you won't have to 'physically' be there. Our installation of network “firewalls” insure your data and network are secure from unauthorized access. We do the consulting, business needs assessment, designing, education and training to make it happen for your company. From a two person shop to a multinational enterprise. Experienced, friendly, patient, people are ready to explain and help.

Available services

Data Conversion

Need to bring data from your old legacy system to the new world. We can help you with the conversion process. We have experience in DB2, Oracle, dBase and Access.

Available services

Business Needs Assessment

You know you need to become more productive and keep up with your competitors. But what are the right tools, processes and communications systems to meet your needs?  Where do you start? Our experienced staff will help you assess your current situation and work with you to develop the solution best suited for your business needs

Available services

Design/Maintain Web Pages

For the most appealing and functional web pages, put our experienced graphic designers to work for you. We offer very competitive rates for one-time project or for a longer term maintenance of your business web site. We can also assist you in establishing your Internet web site.

Available services

Training and Education

"New economy" is not new, but it does involve the use of new techniques with time-honored, and proven, business principles. Unless people are properly trained to use them, the new technologies will not benefit your firm.

We can help you and your employees receive the training they need to take advantage of these tools. We provide training in word processing, spreadsheets and databases, e-mail, Internet, calendar, and a host of other topics that a modern office worker needs to know. As part of out business needs assessment, we can develop a training plan for your entire staff.

In addition we provide management training in strategic planning and technology implementation. Courses are offered at various locations throughout the city or we can arrange to provide instructors at your site for groups or individuals. We also offer technical seminars, overviews and speakers for corporate functions.

For more information about our service write to us at
Business Data Resource Co.
701 Cherokee Blvd.
Chattanooga, TN 37405

Or you can call us at (423) 355-0900 or send E-mail to support@courtrunner.net