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Juvenile Court of Hamilton County

1600 East Third Street
Chattanooga, TN 37402

Juvenile Court Judge

Judge Suzanne Bailey

Juvenile Court Referees

Magistrate Troy McDougal
Magistrate Bruce Owens
Magistrate Misty L. Harris

Juvenile Court Child Support Magistrates

Magistrate Kathy Clark
Magistrate Emma Andrews
Magistrate Chris Gott

Juvenile Court Clerk

Ron Swafford, Clerk

Ron Swafford, Clerk

Ron Swafford, Clerk
1600 East 3rd Street
Chattanooga, TN 37404

(423) 209-5250
(423) 209-5251

Hours:Monday to Friday - 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

The Juvenile Court Clerk is a constitutional officer and is elected by the people for a term of four (4) years. (General duties outlined in TCA 18-1-101).The office of the Juvenile Court Clerk services as a hub for processing and maintaining all legal documents for the Juvenile Court. The Clerk's Office collects Court Cost and Fines that are placed in the County General Fund. The duties and responsibilities are processing all legal documents filed in Juvenile Court, maintaining docket and minute books, keeper of the records, prepare hearing dockets, provide deputy clerks for all court hearings, maintain financial records, collect court cost, fines, bonds any restitution, appoint attorneys as Ordered by the Court, prepare Orders for the Juvenile Court, administer trust funds awards for minors (TCA 29-13-301 Part 3) and any other trust accounts as Ordered the Court.

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Juvenile Court, Main Division 209-5100
Juvenile Court, Child Support Division 209-5970
Juvenile Court Judge 209-5111
Juvenile Court Clerk 209-5250
Juvenile Court Clerk: Child Support Division 209-5970
Auxiliary Probation Officer Program 209-5227
CASA Program 209-5232
Dependency and Neglect 209-5149
Detention Center 209-5160
Intensive Probation 209-5191
Probation Department 209-5200
Restitution Services 209-5228
Youth Highway Safety Project 209-5181


CADAS 756-7644
Child Abuse/Neglect 24 Hour Hotline 266-0162
Department of Human Services 209-6800
Department of Youth Development 634-6412
District Attorney General 209-7400
Family and Children's Services 755-2800
Health Department 209-8155
Infant Car Seats 209-8200
Johnson Mental Health Center 756-2740
Public Defenders Office 634-6374

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