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Chattanooga Area Lawyers, by Practice

If you need a lawyer, but don't have one, visit Chattanooga Bar Association, Lawyer Referral Service or use this list to choose a lawyer, or law firm, with experience with your type of problem..

The lawyers and firms are divided into practice areas, using categories developed by the local Chattanooga Bar Association.

General Practice - A lawyer or firm in general practice will be able to help you solve almost any legal problem. If you think you have a legal problem, but do not see it described below, or you need a lawyer for more than one type of problem, this is a good starting place.

Bankruptcy - If you are having financial problems, a lawyer in this area can help you solve your problems. Often this can be done without filing for bankruptcy.

Collections - If you are owed money, a collections lawyer can help you collect unpaid bills or obligations.

Consumer Law - If you have a problem with a bad product, service, or workmanship from a commercial firm, a consumer lawyer can help you out.

Contracts - If you have a contract or agreement with a person or firm, or want to create an agreement, contact a comtract lawyer.

Corporations - To start a business, or maintain it, whether a corporation, partnership, LLC or any other business entity, a lawyer can help you find the best way to organize a business venture.

Criminal Law - If you, or a family member, are involved with the possibility of criminal court, contact with a lawyer is essential.

Family Law - Divorce, adoption, and other events involving the family are handled here. See also the lawyers in wills and estate planning, below.

General Sessions Court - If you have a problem that must be resolved in a court, or a problem that could wind up in court if not settled agreeably, contact a lawyer or firm in this area.

Immigration - If you, or a family member, need help in the areas of citizenship, visas, or work permits, an immigration lawyer can help you move through the paperwork a quickly as possible.

Insurance Law - If you have a dispute with an insurance firm or need advice on what type of insurance is available, or needed, for you or your business, this type of lawyer can provide advice on insurance matters.

Labor / Employment Law - if you have a dispute with your employer, or you are the employer and need advice, this lawyer gives advice on employment contracts, labor laws, discrimination questions and other issues that arise in the employment relationship.

Landlord / Tenant - If you own or rent property for business or residence, this lawyer can help with contracts, disputes and other lease and rental issues.

Malpractice - if a licensed professional (lawyer, doctor, engineer, accountant, or other professional) has done less than required of their profession, this lawyer can help.

Real Estate - If you are buying, selling, or subdividing a piece of property, you can eliminate costly mistakes with this advisor.

Social Security - If you are having a problem with any government benefit or entitlement, this lawyer can help solve the problem.

Taxation - A dispute over taxes can be a disaster if not handled properly. use this lawyer for professional advice in solving this problem.

Tort / Negligence - If you have been injured, either personally or financially, you may need some help in solving the problem.

Traffic / DUI - A driver's license is important to most folks. Don't lose your license without a skilled advisor on your side.

Wills / Trusts / Estate Planning - The planning for "golden years" is not expensive and can actually save a fortune. See also family law, above.

Workers Comp - An injury on your job, or the injury of one of your workers, can have life-long effects. Consult a lawyer here if you, or a member of your family, has been injured.

Lawyers on this list pay a small fee ($5 per month) for maintaining their information correctly. Telephone directories charge hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars each month for a single listing which can be out of date. These records are updated every week to assure accuracy. If you are aware of a change, please contact us at customer service.